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Sea Forward Ocean Health Fund invests in a healthy, sustainable ocean and climate.

Click the links below to learn more about our most recent impact investments

through our ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund.

Aquaspark is a holding company of innovative, novel solutions to some of aquaculture’s biggest challenges, supported by a growing group of global investors committed to the sustainability of our future food system.


AiiM Partners invests in technology-enabled companies addressing climate change while prioritizing equity and access. They are targeting the untapped potential of the $17 trillion industries addressing ocean health and climate change.

AiiM Logo. A graphic a with a background of ocean.

Blue Revolution Fund invests in sustainable aquaculture farms, technologies, and seafood alternatives to deliver competitive returns and create a healthier ocean. The Nature Conservancy has applied its world-leading conservation science expertise to develop ambitious and achievable impact goals and targets for the fund.

Hatch Blue

Scoot Science is an ocean data analytics startup investing in aquaculture solutions. Scoot uses their team of oceanographers, data scientists, and software engineers to help fish farmers protect assets, operate sustainably, and increase profits.


Propeller invests in transformational leaders at the earliest stages of ocean-climate innovation in massive markets. They have a diverse portfolio spanning from decarbonization technology and marine carbon capture to creating cell cultured fish products.

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Sea Forward's newest investment is in Katapult’s Ocean Deep Blue Fund. Katapult Ocean is a Norway based venture capital fund that invests and supports startups with positive ocean impact in areas such as ocean organics, energy systems, and circular resources. Katapult also runs one of the leading ocean accelerator programs.

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