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Invest in Ocean Health
and Sustainability

The Sea Forward Ocean Health Fund (SFOH) at Impact Assets (a 501(c)3 nonprofit) provides impact investors and philanthropists with a regenerative “everblue” charitable structure to contribute tax-deductible dollars into a collaborative, multi-donor advised fund.


SFOH invests in private funds, companies and nonprofits that support ocean health. Our focus areas are sustainable aquaculture, science -based monitoring tools, biodiversity, climate and nature-based solutions. 

Donations of any size make a difference. Choose one of our donor levels below, or give at any level that's meaningful for you. 

Donor Levels

Community Member




Your dollars will be invested as part of the portfolio. You will be part of the learning community, invited to events, and receive impact reports.

Ocean Angel


OR $25,000 ONE TIME


In addition to Community Member benefits, you’ll receive invitations to virtual portfolio summits. You'll also have the opportunity to vote on annually supported nonprofits.

Ocean Sustainer


OR $125,000 ONE TIME


In addition to Ocean Angel benefits, you will have the right to recommend investments for review by the investment council.

Donor Advised Fund Partner



In addition to Ocean Sustainer benefits, you’ll have the option to have capital returned to your individual donor advised fund as capital is recovered over time, pro rata.

Give Today

Additional ways you can invest:

Donate by Check, Bank ACH or Securities


Use this Contribution Form for online transfers


Mailing a Check:

Make out to: ImpactAssets 

Write on the memo: SFOH Account # 433454  

Mail to: 4340 East West Highway, Suite 210, Bethesda, MD 20814

Contact ImpactAssets for support filling out the form:

Make a Legacy Gift


Reach out to Donor Advisor Laura Francis:


Together you'll discuss the many possibilities for how you can use estate gifts that can benefit you while supporting ocean health for future generations.


Note: ImpactAssets will send a tax deduction confirmation for all donations of $250 or more.​

For tax ID numbers or any other questions on how to donate, please email

Our investor fact sheet has full details on how the fund works so you can share this impact opportunity with your financial advisor or other potential investors.

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Sea Forward Ocean Health Fund 

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