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The Sea Forward Ocean Health Fund provides impact investors and philanthropists with a regenerative “everblue” charitable structure to contribute tax-deductible dollars into a collaborative, multi-donor advised fund. 

A Regenerative “Everblue” Ocean Endowment

When you donate, your contribution goes into the Multi-Donor Advised Fund, which makes strategic investments. Investment returns grow in the fund, and are then invested again. A portion of funds go to annual grants. 


Investments and grants are sourced and recommended by thought leaders with deep expertise in ocean policy, research, philanthropy, investing, and entrepreneurship.  


100% of donations go into the fund, minus 1% or less annual administrative expenses from ImpactAssets. Funds are used for impact investments, grant disbursals, program operations, and field-building work.


Join our global community of changemakers who are creating a meaningful difference in the health of our ocean and the billions of people who depend on it. 

About Our Donor Advised Fund at ImpactAssets

ImpactAssets is an innovative donor advised fund manager that empowers donors to increase the impact of their giving by combining it with strategic, sustainable and responsible investing to build a sophisticated philanthropic endowment.


Donors recommend how their ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund account assets are invested across a range of impact investment options including managed strategies, private debt and equity impact funds and client recommended investments.


The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund has more than $3 billion in assets in 2,000 accounts, working with purpose-driven individuals and their wealth managers, family offices, foundations and corporations.

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